The Team


Johnny Watson

A lot of comedians exaggerate about themselves when telling jokes. When Johnny Watson tells a joke about himself, his family, and his upbringing, no exaggeration is necessary. Watson, a white kid living in a series of black and Hispanic neighborhoods while growing up in New Jersey he couldn’t fight, so he told jokes to survive. And he’s still telling jokes to his legions of fans throughout the United States. And most of those (real) bits are about his family – “I was the poor kid on free lunch who always got my balls busted so since I couldn’t really fight, I had to be funny.” So funny that he was voted funniest and best story teller in grammar school and in high school. Turned out the “high school honor” was his only honor. Johnny graduated LAST in his class.

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John Hollywood
Three years ago Johnny took the mic as a stand-up comic and has been hitting the Tri-State area with performances at The Stand, Broadway Comedy Club, The Comic Strip Live, and EastVille Comedy Club, all in NYC and at Catch a Rising Star, Jesters, The Comedy Cove, and Characters in the surrounding area. When not in the clubs John produces comedy shows for local venues and private events. He also produces and runs an open mic for professional comics and beginners at The Old Canal Inn in Nutley NJ every Monday night.

Johnny first stepped out into the limelight 15 years ago on the commercial dial at WMSC 101.5 FM as a DJ and radio host of Hollywood Nights. An Alternative music radio station (AOR), Arbitron rated, with over 250,000 listeners, 101.5  pushed Johnny into the forefront of the Alternative music scene.

As an actor John has been seen on the stage in local theaters and independent films. Most recently playing a supporting role in the film “Indie Director”

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Doug Max

Although on the show, Doug Max apparently annoys everyone, in real life, almost everyone but Johnny love and admire him.  Many of the cast members visit his home regularly and leave flowers and tools as offerings.  This homage makes Doug feel incredibly awkward, since he’s so modest, but he likes both flowers and tools, so it’s all good…no need to worry about him.

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Scott Brennan

Scott Brennan joined the show in the spring of 2014.  He quickly became a “jack of all trades” on the The Johnny Watson Show.  Currently, he runs the audio, writes and produces, and is the co-creator of the upcoming “I Hate Mondays” webseries.  You can catch Scott, along with his beard and hat, doing standup all over or listen to his podcast Verbal Shenanigans.  He also has a secret relationship with Brian Einersen.


Michael Burlew

Michael Burlew has been in comedy for over a year making fun at some of his bad luck and frustrations in the world. Michael is a graduate of the Scotty’s Comedy Cove Comedy class and has performed stand up all across the east coast. Generally referred to by his last name or some variation of it, Michael works behind the scenes serving as a production assistant and writer for the show.

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Steven Strauss

Steven is the newbie of the group.  He has only been into the comedy scene for a short while and is still learning the ropes.  His formal education is in the IT world and adds an effort to the technical aspects of the show.  He is a nerd at heart with a flair for movies and television.

Steven has been working hard to try and work out his routine in his small tenure and has been seen some local shows.  He recently asked to join the Johnny Watson show after being the resident computer nerd while taking comedy classes that Johnny Watson taught.

With his technical knowledge and his tenacity for learning, Steven hopes to be a good asset to the show.


Joe Carney


Tina Marie

Just a woman with a knack for words, a passion for comedy, and a silly nickname she earned on an internet radio show when a host/comedian Kenny Michaels couldn’t pronounce her screen name. “It” actually stuck and now she’s known in the comedy circle as It-Girl. So, she’s going to run with that since it’s funny and ever so marketable. The new It-Girl of Comedy. She’s been on several Cringe Humor Radio shows as an intern, co-host, and as just “It Girl”.
Now, featured segment producer/social media manager on The Johnny Watson Show.

Tina Marie is the epitome of “Italia-tude”

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Gene Nagel


Chips Cooney

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Father Paul

Father Paul was just voted Northeastern Pa’s Best Comedian for the second straight year and was a finalist in The Wisecracker Comedy Stand off.  He can currently be seen in the Off Broadway Production of The Gong Show Live in New York City.


David Varick


Brian Einersen

Brian Einersen is a stand-up comic, an actor and a published cartoonist. His cartoon, “Lady Saga,” was sold at Marc by Marc Jacobs, endorsed by Perez Hilton and ignored by Lady Gaga. He performed his stand-up act at the Broadway Comedy Club, Otto’s Shrunken Head, the Duplex Cabaret and the GLBT Expo at the Javitz Center. His email is


Joan Weisblatt


Jerrold Benford